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Photo by © Clive Barda

“…she has great sensitivity and involvement with her subjects” – Mark Rowan Hull, Creative Arts Fellow at Wolfson College Oxford. 

Every event, occasion or performance is unique.

What is it that makes a truly great photograph of a conductor, soloist or orchestra?

I believe it is one which captures the very essence of the performance.

“When I work, I am invisible.

My role is to capture, not disturb.”


My name is Sisi, and I have been a performing arts photographer for over 25 years.

Your passion for music is my passion. 

Your artistry is my inspiration.

The emotion of your performance is the soul of my photograph.

What you might be looking for:

  • The heart of your production, the essence of your performance, the passion and devotion of your team, captured in an emotive and creative way.
  • Portray your own persona to the world in the best way imaginable with either a studio or location shoot.
  • Complete the story from behind-the-scenes of your rehearsals or recording sessions in a documentary style.
  • Or tell a moving story with video coverage of recording sessions, rehearsals and performances in smaller venues and intimate settings.


about me

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